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Southwestern University Off-Campus Interviews

While we hope all interested students visit Southwestern's campus in person, we realize this is not always possible for students living further from campus.  So, we are proud to offer off-campus interviews in cities across Texas and around the US.  We hope to meet with you to learn more about you and share with you the vast opportunities offered at Southwestern.

This map is updated on a regular basis.  If you do not find interviews in your area, please check back later or contact the Admission Office to explore what other opportunities there may be for you.  Please note we do not offer off-campus interviews in our local region of Central Texas, as we hope those students can visit campus in person.

Browse the map at the right (or use the search bar), to find what dates/times are available at the location nearest you.  After registering, we will email you with details about your interview experience.

Please contact or 1-800-252-3166 with any questions.  We look forward to meeting you!

United States—California

United States—Colorado

United States—New Mexico

United States—Oregon

United States—Texas

United States—Washington