2019 Advanced-Entry Seminar Enrollment Form

Be sure to review the Advanced-Entry Seminar (AES) summaries carefully before entering your selections below.

Things to keep in mind:
  •  You may be placed in any Seminar, depending on availability.
  •  Seminar assignments and course information will be emailed in July.
  •  Seminar assignments, once made, will not be changed.
  •  There may be summer "homework" associated with your assigned Seminar.
  •  Seminars will start during Welcome Week on Monday, August 19.
  •  All your other courses will start on Monday, August 26. 

Personal Information:
PLEASE NOTE: Your AES section assignment (with homework!) will be sent via the email addresses provided above. Please submit this form with a valid email addresses that you will actively check as of July 1, 2019.
Seminar Selection:
Everyone must choose and rank in order of preference the three (3) seminar options.  (1 = First Choice, 2 = Second Choice, 3 = Third Choice)